Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trade w/ Wax Heaven


If you do, he will grace your mailbox and collection with sweet cards.I sent him this card and a few others and he sent me these cool shiny REFRACTORS of two of my favorites, David Wright and Miguel Cabrera. Both play on my simulation league baseball team. I have had Cabrera since he dominated the Cubbies in the 2003 NLCS. I picked up Wright the following year to fill the whole at third. Since then, both have become stars and both play third base. They are too good to trade so one gets to rack up errors in the outfield next year.

Mario really does ship cards like he teaches in this handy video.

I liked the cards so much that I won't even mention the inadequate postage on the bubble mailer Mario sent!


Wax Heaven said...

Uh oh....there wasn't enough postage?

Sorry man, inexperience. I will start heading to the post office from now on.

White Sox Cards said...

With close to 1,000 Canseco cards, it would help to know which ones Mario actually has and which ones he still needs.

I was lucky enough to go 1 for 3 the last time I threw in Canseco cards for Mario.