Friday, February 15, 2008

Trade w/ White Sox Cards

I recently sent Steve over at White Sox Cards some cards, specifically ones that feature players in White Sox uniforms. Since players get traded or leave for the cash, do we, as fans, end up rooting for our favorite uniform. I love my Mets, regardless of who wears the blue and orange, even Mo Vaughn. I do have my favorite players but they are not always Mets.

Anyway, I got a nice package filled with Mets,

Hall if Famers,and some of my favorite current players!

While I filled some random White Sox needs, I came out way ahead on this deal. Thanks Steve!

I can't explain how fun it is to trade baseball cards again. No blockbuster deals, just good old-fashioned trading cause my White Sox randomness is somebody else's White Sox treasure.


Joey said...

Looks like a great deal making for two happy collectors.

On Base Autos said...

I agree. Trades like this are what I enjoy doing. Having to tell people what grade a card is is too hard for me. I like trading like I am a kid again.

White Sox Cards said...

I know that I was very pleased with the cards that I received!