Saturday, March 29, 2008

National Baseball Card Day

I enjoy the free baseball cards! I got the free pack at my local comic book shop. They sell very few cards but advertised these along with a sale on comics. Here is one of each of the designs plus the 2 (1:3) Rookies I received.

Topps used the exact same card design as their 08 release but Upper Deck changed it up a bit. They added some color to the bottom and the team and player names are in gold foil. Upper Deck displays the National Baseball Card Day logo as if they care while Topps makes it as small as possible. I guess there wasn't enough room next to that Topps tag.

I got the Barton and Hu rookies. It is hard to say which rookie is "the one to own", probably Buchholz. Too bad Jay Bruce and Evan Longoria were not included. Maybe the big two knew they would both start the year in the minors.

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capewood said...

I got my free pack from Toys R Us. The only National Baseball Card Day card I have in my collection is an Upper Deck card from 2006. The 2008 UD card as the same design as 2006. So it looks like UD didn't put a lot of effort out either. I wrote about my (positive) experience on my blog.