Monday, March 3, 2008

To Buy or Not to Buy?

I don't have a lot of cash to buy baseball cards, so I need to plan out what I will buy this year.

I know I will buy:
1. 2008 Topps Trading Card History Set - Already bought it. It is super cool and it will keep me from buying regular packs of Topps and Upper Deck. (May have to buy more for series 2)
2. Hobby box of 2008 Topps Turkey Red - Assuming they make the set again. I think it is a great looking set and you can complete the base, no sp, set in one box and get some pretty cool extras as well.
3. 2008 UD Masterpieces Set - I plan to buy the base set this year. No need to worry about parallels or inserts in this one. (Upper Deck, please don't mess this one up.)
4. ???

Here is where you can help me. I really like the Topps Heritage cards this year. Should I go for the hobby box?

I know a lot of you go nuts over the A & G. I like the set but may just go for singles this year. The blasters at Target are awfully tempting!

Or is there something else that I should try this year? If I am going to limit myself to just one more item on the list, what should it be? Thanks for your help.


Jeremiah said...

I would recommend the 2008 Heritage. I will be opening a pack each day this month. They just have that look and feel of old-school cards. However I could do without the Chromes in this product, takes away from the genre.

AlbuqwirkE said...

I recommend that you buy the ones that YOU like the best.

And if you are strapped for card ca$h, you can find some real bargains sometimes when you shop for boxes of one and two year old products- after the hype has moved along to something new.

dayf said...

The Hobby boxes are pretty good this year with a guaranteed hit per box and a one in two chance of pulling a buyback card, but I heard the prices are going up. You might want to shop around, they hit stores at $65 a box but if they start hitting 75-85 you may want to think about blasters.

Here's how I look at it: 3 blasters have 24 packs, with no assured hits for $60. A hobby box also has 24 packs, plus a couple of bonuses for a little more than that. The key to me is: is the extra money you are paying for the bonus in the hobby box worth it?

NMboxer said...

The vintage style cards deserve love. Heritage, A&G, Turkey Red are all choices that probably won't make you feel grumpy when you see torn pack wrappers scattered on the floor like Milkbone cartons at a kennel club picnic.

GCA said...

I agree that the Chromes are out of place. But I have been waiting until they did the '59 design. I found 3 boxes on sale for about $175 shipped. It will take four to get a near set.

dayf said...

FYI - Hobby Heritage boxes have hit $80, and Target packs have a special T205 mini insert in them. In my eyes, that shifts the best buy back to the retail side. I haven't seen if Wally World boxes have anything special in them yet.

mmosley said...

I noticed the big shift on ebay last week. I tried to get a box for $50 + $10 shipping. I missed by $1 about 8 times. Now they ar e going for $60 to $65 plus shipping.

The sp's are good trade bait. Do they show as much in the retail?