Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mets Report: 10 Games Played, 152 To Go

The record: 5-5 (2nd - NL East)
2-1 vs Florida (Gotta win all you can while they are rebuilding...AGAIN)
0-2 vs Atlanta (BOO!)
2-1 vs Philly (Monkey off back?)
1-1 vs Milwaukee (These guys enjoy the HRs)

Mets Player of the Year
Angel Pagan - Leads the team in Average (.371), OPS (.928), Runs (9), and RBI (10)
Alou is out with his latest old-man ailment and Pagan has filled in better than expected.

Mets Pitcher of the Year
Oliver Perez - I want to go with Johan (He has pitched well. Not enough run support for the W's) But Perez is 1-0 in 2 starts. He has allowed 0 runs and struckout 10 in just under 12 innings. He will need to get to the 7th inning at some point to help out the bullpen. Perez is streaky. Let's hope he stays on this one for a while.

Surprises - Pagan and Church are filling the outfield voids and their slots in the order just fine. I had my doubts. The Pagan/Church combo still makes me laugh. I'm not sure when Alou gets back, but having 4 players in the OF feels better than the one (Beltran) that I thought we had. Also, Delgado his swinging is much-needed bat well.

Worries - Pedro is on the shelf again. It is definitely not a surprise but does cause us Mets fans to worry about the pitching. Pelfrey pitched well in his first start. He will get his second soon. El Duque is out for a while and it looks like Claudio Vargas will be signed soon.

Outlook - If they stay at .500, they will win 81 games and be left out of the playoffs. Using their runs scored and runs allowed, at this pace, Pythagoras says they'll win 104. (It also says the Braves will win 104. Hey Braves fans, would you take a one-game playoff right now, Johan vs Smoltz?) It's still way too early to know anything.

Its fun to listen to sports radio and actually hear some baseball talk. Too bad the NFL draft is coming soon. How much do I need to know about 40 times and Wonderlic tests.


NMboxer said...

Great summary!

dayf said...

I'll take that one game playoff...