Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mets Report: 30 Games In

The Record: 16-14 (3rd - NL East)
The Mets are 1.5 games back of Philly in the East and 1 game out of a wild card spot. They have been up and down as of late. I think it may be because of the fickleness of some Mets fans out in Arizona!

Mets Player of the Year: Ryan Church
Obviously David Wright will take his "Wrightful" spot here soon enough but I can't get over how pleased I am with Ryan Church. He leads the team in average and is close to Wright in most offensive categories. I hope that he can continue to be a nice top of the order bat for the Mets this year.
(New cards courtesy of the Junkie. Thanks Dayf!)

Mets Pitcher of the Year: Billy Wagner

Again, I'm staying away from the obvious choice in Santana for now. (I wish I a cool pun for Johan) Wagner is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. He's got 7 saves in 8 chances, strikes out 1 per inning, and has only allowed 5 baserunners in 13 innings. Muniz, Feliciano, and Schoeneweis are all pitching well to set him up.

Surprises: Luis Castillo
Castillo has stolen 6 bases without being caught despite his increasingly "Vladesque' knees. If he can get on base a little more, he will be a presence at the bottom of the order.

Worries: Still Pitching
Pedro is still out. Makes me think they will keep him out as long as they can. Figueroa is still pitching well while Pelfrey is hot and cold. Oliver Perez is great unless he starts walking batters. (23 walks in 35 innings) Concerned about talk of signing Turnbow.

Outlook: Promising
At their current pace, they will finish 86-76 and miss the playoffs. Pythagoras says they should be 82-82. He also says the Braves should be in 1st, so what does he know. That 1-game playoff is already looking like a good option. (Stay tuned for info soon about that mythical 1-game playoff, Smoltz vs. Johan.)

The Mets play the Dodgers on the West Coast tonight. That's past my bedtime. Good luck, fellas!

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