Saturday, April 12, 2008

Save Those Top of the Class Ads!

There is an awful lot of talk about Beckett these days. They say "any press is good press." I wonder if that is true for blogs as well. Rigged box breaks and price guide validity have been the most recent hot topics.

New Topps pricing is out and I wanted to share a current "high" price value that on one hand made me smile and on the other left me scratching my head.

This David Wright "insert" card is currently priced at $0.60-$1.50.

REALLY? I am a Mets fan and I believe that David Wright earned the MVP award despite his team's late season collapse (He hit something like .375 during that stretch). But didn't this card show up in most every pack of Topps. In loose retail packs they came with a secutity tag over his uniform and face. (I think Dayf and Joe might think those would be worth more.

I have always liked Beckett, more so when there were cool articles, a big "Readers Write" section, and glossy, card stock covers. My brother and I actually both had subscriptions, I guess we couldn't share. Now I get an online 1-month subscription about twice a year to keep current on what is out there. Here is my super-cool issue #1.

Anyway, I kept a few of these David Wright cards so if anybody needs one, I can cut you a deal!!!


dayf said...

$1.50 for a Top of the Class ad????

Holy crap, I have enough of them to pay off my HOUSE!

olagatohouse said...

It's hard for me to believe that, too. I brought in a stack of Topps and UD inserts to work for people to use as bookmarks. It's working, sort of, but they kept getting left around.

MMayes said...

If they're worth that, I might just write to the publisher and offer him a deal....1/2 of low book!

Another thought. I wonder if the David Wright "insert" card's value is what's driving up the price of packs?

thewritersjourney said...

What???? I just threw away 40 of those cards!