Sunday, June 22, 2008

Special Thanks

A heart-felt thank you goes out to Patricia and Lucy of Dinged Corners fame. Patricia provides the wit and creative titles for posts while Lucy sends out the baseball themed art. Both of them make tough decisions about what will make the cut and enter the collection. There is even an older sister who quietly appreciates a good catchers mask being flung across the field.

I received a hefty package of Mets, Ninja Turtles, and Jeff Bagwells. Check out this super shiny orange Pedro (its so shiny, my scanner refused to scan it well, out of jealousy of both the shininess and Pedro's awesomeness - except when he is hurt, which is a lot):
And this Koala (did you know that Koalas are the size of a grape when they are born and that they don't need to drink much water because they get enough from eating leaves):
This is my favorite of the bunch (its a 1990 Bowman Dwight Gooden art card. Very cool!):
I'll let my "Experience Stimpy-Rama" card display my feelings about the Todd Pratt Playoff card (I wish the Mets were going to be in the playoffs), the Winfield and Ryan art cards (I enjoy the art cards), the Reyes and Beltran World Baseball Classic cards, the Doug tattoos, and the crazy, "see-through", 2002 EX Roger Cedeno (I have never seen one of these before):And all that doesn't even include the terrific art drawn by Lucy herself!

Thank you guys for your generosity of art, fun, and baseball cards. I know you are going to collect a Cracker Jack set but I don't have many of those to share.

I did come across this one that I don't think you have yet:


dayf said...

Epix cards are certainly shiny, I have one or two myself.

The Stimpy-Rama is epic. I'm jealous but I have an official Ren air-fouler to comfort me.

NMboxer said...

Now, that Cracker Jack -- THERE'S a valuable card. :)