Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All-Star Selections

I love the All-Star game whether it counts or not. Its a fun showcase of my favorite sport.

Official Stats-on-the-Back All-Star selections. Sorry, no pictures like Dayf. He's better than me.

NL (They will win another one one day)
C - R.Martin - McCann came close but his Braveness (and that's not a good thing) did him in.
1B - L.Berkman - (Stud! On my simulation and fantasy teams)
2B - C.Utley - He may be the best player in baseball. Yes Mario, Uggla is good too.
SS - H.Ramirez - OK, he may be the best player in baseball. Ex-Brave, Furcal is also hitting well when healthy.
3B - L.Jones - I hate him and his kid, Shea, but he is better than Wright (for now!).
LF - P.Burrell - Not a fan of this no-hustlin' player but he is the best in Left.
CF - N.McLouth - Who knew? I am a stickler for voting for correctly positioned OFers.
RF - X.Nady - Really? Another Pirate. And J.Bay could have been the LFer. The Pirates should be better someday.

AL (Boo DH!)
C - J.Mauer - Another one of MY guys. He can hit. Hope he stays behind the plate for a long time.
1B - J.Morneau - Giambi and his stache were too close for comfort, which is where his razor should be!
2B - I.Kinsler - ChemGod says he's underated and he is, now that he has found his glove.
SS - M.Young - What a weak position. Cap'n Jetes is 2nd best.
3B - A.Rodriguez - He's good no matter who he or his wife dates.
LF - C.Quentin - Not on the Ballot??????
CF - J.Hamilton - Good for him!
RF - M.Bradley - I broke my own rule. Bradley is a DH but he was listed at OF and this vote allowed me not to vote for JD. Drew. (I haven't forgiven him for holding out on the Phillies)
DH - I abstain.

I'll be happy if:
1. They actually complete the game.
2. I can stay up late enough to watch it.
3. Joe Morgan is not involved.
4. Ted Williams' frozen head is carted to the field for a teary-eyed moment with Ichiro. (Despite the sarcasm, I really enjoyed that moment a few years ago)


NMboxer said...

Interesting concept. You're actually basing your choices on skills of the players.

mmosley said...

Without a doubt! I would like to say that I am an unbiased student of the game (with a few Bravo exceptions).

Bart McClaughry said...

I like that you abstain on the DH!

thewritersjourney said...

What, no Griffey?

How much did Selig pay you?

chris said...

My late All-Star selections:
C - Mauer / Martin
1B - Morneau / Berkman
2B - Kinsler / Utley
3B - Rodriguez / Jones
SS - Young / Ramirez
LF - Quentin / Bay
CF - Sizemore / McLouth
RF - Drew / Nady
SP - Lee / Sheets
Duchscherrer / Lincecum
Danks / Hamels
Halladay / Volquez
Marcum / Haren
RP - Rivera / Lidge