Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mets Report:

Its been a while since I did a Mets Report. After the Randolph firing debacle, the Mets settled into a .500 pace while the Phillies lost about 9 in a row. The Mets then get hot and now they are in a pennant race. I didn't want to post during their winning streak because of my irrational belief that my actions affect the Mets or any other team I pull for.

Player of the Year: Currently it's Carlos Delgado. He has caught fire! Delgado has 23 HR's including 4 in the last 7 games. I had given up on him earlier in the year. I still hope the Mets go out and sign Teixeira in the off season. Honorable Mention to Fernando Tatis. (And yes, it's really David Wright.)

Pitcher of the Year: Johan is pitching great. His 9-7 record doesn't do him justice. I wish he could pitch a little further into each game to reduce the chance of Heilman and the bullpen boys giving up 6 in the the ninth to the Phillies.

NL East: Run differential says the division should be Phillies, Mets, Braves, Marlins, Nationals. I guess all those homeruns make up for the Marlins lack of pitching and defense. The Braves are done and the Nationals never were so that leaves 3 teams for 1 spot in the playoffs. I assume the wildcard will come from the Central Division. The Phils added Blanton but I am not sold on their pitching. How many of their starters have been demoted to AAA this year? All of them?

I was hoping the Mets would deal Fernando Martinez for Matt Holiday or even Jason Bay. Alou is out with a bout of oldness while Church is on his way back from his concussedness. Bay is now in Boston, Griffey is in Chi-town, and Manny is in LA. The Mets get Church back and possibly Pedro for a start or two. I kinda wish the Mets a made some kind of move. Fuentes from Colorado?

I am going all in and saying Manuel leads the Mets to the playoffs!!! Take that, Phillies and Marlins!


dayf said...

Need out an outfielder? Braves will trade you Mark Kotsay...

desert plume said...

My Mets Report: What you said!