Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mets in My Mailbox

A while back, I got a email from fleerfan, proprietor of the "the world leader in Fleer sticker knowledge", The Fleer Sticker Project. He said he had a few Mets from my Mets Want List (which has mysteriously diappeared - will fix that after this is posted). He said they were a bit loved but they all came from their first year as Mets. Here's what I got:
1971 Topps Bob Aspromonte, not to be confused with older brother Ken. Bob played his last year of baseball in 1971 with the New York Mets. His claim to fame is that he was the last Brooklyn Dodger to retire from baseball. This card shows Bob sporting a Braves helmet. Thanks to Topps for removing that annoying "a" from my Met card.1966 Topps Ken Boyer. Like Bob, Ken had siblings in baseball, older brother Cloyd and younger brother Clete. Not sure why his parents didn't name him Clen, instead of Ken. Boyer came to the Mets late in his career after some great years as a Cardinal. He was a 7-time All-Star and won an MVP in 1964. He is best known for hitting a Grand Slam in Game 4 of the 1964 World Series against brother Clete and the Yankees. In game 7, Boyer collected 3 hits to help seal the Cardinals first championship in 20 years. No such highlights for the Mets.
1964 Topps Charlie Smith. Smith was traded with Al Jackson for Ken Boyer. You can find out more about him a few inches above this sentence. This was not the most interesting trade in which Charlie Smith was involved. In 1966, he was traded straight up, from the Cardinals to the Yankees, for Roger Maris. They each played 2 seasons for those clubs and had fairly identical stats. Also, notice how Topps paid no attention to that White Sox uni.
And finally,
1964 Topps George Altman. Altman played 9 years of Major League Baseball, hitting .269 with 101 HRs. He then played 8 years of Japanese Nippon League Baseball, hitting .309 with 205 HRs. He credits martial arts for his improvement. I think it may have had more to do with less pitching talent in Japan. That may be slowly changing but he played in Japan from 1968 to 1975. Altman was a 2-time All-Star, who was the first to hit 2 HRs off of Sandy Koufax in the same game.
Here are the Stats on the Back. The 2 1964 cards tell you to rub a nickel or a dime to reveal the answer to a trivia question. The Altman card is definitely rubbed but Smith's trivia answer seems to have bled through over the years. I wonder if there is a premium for cards where the answer is still unreadable. Or if you can tell that someone cheated and rubbed the card with a quarter.
Thanks for the cards, Fleerfan.

The want list will be back with these players missing. Check the side menu. Any card, any year, any condition. 162 Mets left, not counting the 2008 class.

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Fleerfan said...

Glad you received the cards. I'm happy that they have found a good home. I enjoyed reading your comments about each of the players.