Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Weekend

As you may know, I am a fan of the New York Metropolitans Baseball Club. I have visited Shea stadium once (I watched a high school championship game there until the tension between the opposing crowds got too scary.), but I've never seen the Mets play there. On that same trip to New York, I went to see Yankee Stadium but it was locked down tighter than a Steely Dan rhythm track.

These 2 two stadiums are shutting it down after this season. The Mets are currently constructing Citi Field just beyond Shea's centerfield wall. It is going to be gorgeous. The Yankees are building an exact replica of Yankee Stadium, complete with luxury boxes, super-luxury boxes, and super-duper-luxury boxes.

Me and four of my buddies are taking a whirlwind trip to pay our respects to these two hallowed grounds. (The Yankees have legends park and the Mets have that giant apple!) We fly in to NY Saturday morning and fly out Sunday night. Needless to say, I'll be a tired boy when I go in to teach my unsympathetic 8th graders on Monday.

Here's a little preview to make you all a little jealous:
Saturday: Atlanta Braves (JoJo Reyes) at New York Mets (Pedro)

The Braves are out of the NL East conversation but Larry and the boys are sure to be ready to ruin another playoff run for the Mets. Pedro is usually good for 5, which leaves 4 innings of uneasiness for us Mets fan as Heilman and the Wagnerless pen take over. Chipper didn't name his kid Shea for nothing. Let's hope he won't name his next son Citi.
Petey has the HOF credentials but he is being held together with scotch tape these days. (and not the kind you can't get off of toploaders)

Sunday: Tampa Bay Rays (Edwin Jackson) at New York Yankees (Carl Pavano)

Despite the weak pitching matchup, this one should be fun. Tampa is looking to hold off the surging Sox and the Yankees are, well, trying to avoid being booed off the field by their own fans. Since I live in Durham, NC, I pull for the Rays. Their AAA affiliate, the Durham Bulls, have been fun to watch the last few years.
Edwin pitches behind the likes of Kazmir, Shields, and Garza, but has been solid for the Rays all year. He doesn't match up with Pedro but he looks just fine against Carl Pavano.

The playoffs are on the line and I can't wait to see some Major League Baseball!

The early weather report says there's a chance of rain both days so wish us luck that we don't fly to NY just to hang out for 2 days.


dayf said...

Cool, have fun! I wish I had gotten to a game at Shea, every time I visited my inlaws though it was the offseason. I got to check out a hockey game at Nassau Coliseum though! WORST. STADIUM. EVAR.

deal said...

Have a great time in New York. I visited both stadiums this summer and had a great time.

Try and get out early so you can go to legends park.

I have just posted my Shea Stadium Review here:

dinged corners said...

Lucy wanted to see Shea but we couldn't make it happen this year. And poof! it will be gone. To make the experience complete, take the No. 7 train to the ballpark. The new Mets in 1962 played in the Polo Grounds while Shea was being constructed...what a wonderful history. Have a great time, Mark! Take pictures!