Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cosolation Packs

"A Tale of Two Mets Seasons"
It was the worst of seasons

My Mets did it to me again this year. I still love 'em though. I'll probably do a 2008 retrospective later in the year (When Sportscenter is filled with nothing but football and hockey. Ugh!). For now, I will console myself and maybe my friends at Dinged Corners with a few packs of baseball cards.3 packs of Retail wax featuring Yankees on the front!
(2 even have Yankee Stadium cards inside. Why no Shea Stadium Legacy?)

Baseball Heroes
Mattingly, Winfield, R.Jackson - 2 Yankee HOFers and a Yankee Fave.
F.Thomas - Future HOFer.
Glavine - Future HOFer who reminds me of the 2007 collapse of the New York Mets.
Beltran - MET! Another solid year for Carlos in NY. Too bad he can't pitch the 8th and 9th.
Griffey, Clemente, Vlad, And Joe D (Charcoal flavored) - Nice set of players. But I would rather have a single card of any of these 4 than 1 card with all of them.
Bowman Chrome
Helton - Disappointing season for the Rocks the year
Kai Liu - 1 of 2 Chinese players to sign w/ MLB teams. Liu saw no action in any league this season.
Sizemore - Another solid effort in his 4th full season of big league baseball. He is an MVP in waiting.
Not a great deal for $3 but I did get this David Wright card free!!!!Goudey
J.Morris - I remember that 10-inning shutout against the Braves in the World Series. That makes me feel a lot better!
Markakis - Great young player on a bad team.
Mazeroski - I love the old players in this set. Maz made the Hall with his glove and some timely postseason hitting.
Billingsley - He is the ace of my simulation baseball league this year. I am in the playoffs!
H.Matsui - Godzilla had a tough year with injuries.
P.Fielder - He is as hot as they come as of late. The Brewers made the right moves down the stretch and deserve the playoffs. The Mets do not. Again.
M.Young - His contract might haunt the Rangers for quite a few years.
J.Reyes (B&W SP) - It has a bent corner but it is a nice end to these 3 packs and to the Mets season.
Hey Carlos, David, and Jose! I'll be cheering for you next year!


dinged corners said...

Mark, what a depressing outcome. But thank you for the posts about Shea and Citi Field and the great photos. The comparison to Ebbetts Field is wonderful. We have a theory about this that we'll share with you when we're less depressed. Also: We liked your comments about the 3 packs of cards, and Lucy wants to know which person you are in the picture of you and your friends.

We're putting together something to send you, as another consolation and in appreciation for your true blue loyal faith. Thanks again your excellent Met-liness.

dayf said...

You know I almost am feeling sorry for Mets fans right now. Then I remember that the Braves just lost 90 games and I feel sorry for myself instead.

Cheer up - that David Wright card books for $1.50 in the latest Beckett. No, I'm not kidding.

mmosley said...

Dinged - I am the 2nd from the right, the goofy one in the hat.

Dayf - I see that you are over the 15 straight years of the good life. Are you sure you aren't a Yankees fan? And the only card news I have ever broke was about the David Wright card. You were the first to comment on that ground-breaking post! By the way, Did you ever check out the list of Murphs I sent to you?