Saturday, October 25, 2008

I've Been Tricked!

Dave, over, is handing out treats to willing collectors. I politely declined, saying that he was too generous already. I'm mean the guy is hemorraging baseball cards. Apparently, you don't decline "the DON of Gifting!"

Here is a sample of the array of tricks that filled my box:
There were Teenage Pizza-Eating Turtles, B-List Marvel Villains, Cop Wrestlers, Aliens, Cute Presidents, Tax Evaders, and Disney Princesses. Not to mention Looney Tunes and actresses I have never heard of.

I now own about half of the CMA Country Gold Set. Here are my favorites:
Charlie Daniels could not possibly be wearing any more leather. Billy Ray and the most famous country mullet. And a second Willie Nelson card. I actually like Willie! (My Mama didn't let me grow up to be a cowboy and I thank her everyday for that . Thanks Mom!)

I even have 4 Gold Parallel versions:Here is a gold foil parallel that makes sense. Country Gold needs Gold Foil!

And the scariest trick of all was this MegaMetal card:
At first glance, you'd think these were dudes. But you'd be wrong. The one on the left has breasts, as do they all. See what Vixen is up to now.

This Mike Bruhart card would seem to be a trick but I need it for my 1 of every Met collection:
This one "treat" kinda hurtas it brought up memories of the the past two Septembers. Cole Hamels is being compared to Steve Carlton these days as the Phils are enjoying their first World Series since 1993.

Intersperced among all the ghoulish tricks were these Mets SUPER TREATS:These are going straight into the Mets binders. See my Mets want list to the right. I'll be updating it later today. Richie Ashburn, legendary Phillie, played for the Mets late in his career. AWESOME!

My favorite was this Choo Choo Coleman. which should be Chew Chew Coleman, as someone or something has chewed off the bottom left corner. I think it may have been one of those Vixen gals or maybe it was the scary clown that was on the box all these cards came in!
Thanks Dave! This was loads of fun. May your trick-or-treat bag be filled with Indians cards AND those orange and black wrapped candies that nobody actually likes.

I can't wait for Christmas!


night owl said...

Holy smokes! Those are some fantastics '60s Mets cards!

davesworld62 said...

Wow - what a wacky cool collection. But hey, what's with the crack about "those orange and black wrapped candies that nobody actually likes"? To borrow a line from Tampa Bay Rays uber-fan Dickie V, those treats are "AWESOME BABY!!

White Sox Cards said...

A box of trick inspired awesomeness!!

thewritersjourney said...

If you want to get rid of that Vixen card, let me know. See my blog re: blind trades. I could send you a box of Mets for a box of Reds, and you could replace one of those Reds with the Vixen.

--David said...

You made me an offer I could not refuse. DON'T send you anything? Are you mad, man? I knew right then and there, you would be one of my "trick" recipients. Luckily, I already had some "treats" I was sending your way anyway. Thanks for the write-up - hilarious (and my wife laughed right along side me).

MMayes said...

You got a card of Big Bubba Rogers, the baddest man in the world (at least it was a card once he became the Big Boss Man) and think it as a trick? I suppose if you were a fan of the Rock and Roll Express or Dusty Rhodes, perhaps....