Sunday, October 5, 2008

Masterpieces Retail Info

Stats on the Back rarely gets to drop any new info on hobby enthusiast, but here's a little tidbit of knowledge for all you UD Masterpiece collectors:
  1. Retail packs have the same cost as last year - 4 cards for $2.99.
  2. Yankee Stadium Legacy cards don't count as cards. Therefore, if you pull one, you get 5 cards per pack. BONUS!
  3. Relic cards count as 3 cards, or at least it did in my pack. The pack that contained the relic contained just one other card. It was an SP card though.
Does anybody know the SP seeding rate in retail or hobby? I can't decide how hard it will be to complete. I have never gone after a set full of SPs.


night owl said...

"Yankee Stadium Legacy cards don't count as cards." ... truer words were never spoken. Boo, YSL!

Matt said...

One small correction: Retail packs are actually $2.99. The price is marked directly on the wrapper.

Chris Harris said...

It looks as though the insertion ratio for the SPs is 1:8 in retail -- as opposed to 1:2 in Hobby. Of course, this not listed anywhere on the wrapper or box.