Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cardathon Update

The Dodgers shipped out today. Orel was nervous about the long trip to New York and Minnesota but I reminded him he was the bulldog. Kirk Gibson told him to suck it up, not without mentioning his 1988 gimpy run around the bases. Jose Offerman and Tim Belcher said nothing, just happy to be along for the ride.

Next up in the queue is the Atlanta Braves. Captain Canuck and Dayf chimed in for mercy on the Braves. The Waxaholic is getting the bigger box but there were more than enough for the Junkster to have a few too.

Here is a combined list of some of the Braves that were saved from the trash or from eternity in my closet.
74 - Dale Murphy (not a HOFer, but a great player for 7 seasons)
69 - Dave Justice
30 - Ron Gant
27 - Ryan Klesko
25 - Steve Avery (I remember seeing him pitch in Durham!)
23 - Deion Sanders (Do the Braves claim Primetime?)
21 - Mike Stanton
16 - John Smoltz (First Ballot? I think so.)
16 - Mark Lemke (A Brave that was easy to hate. Just like little obnoxious guards for Duke.)
15 - Terry Pendleton (Stole an MVP from Barry Bonds.)

+ Canuck scores this 1989 Topps Traded Oddobe McDowell. McDowell was drafted 6 times, 3 times in the 1st round. He never lived up to the "Young Again" hype. He was one of three players to be traded for Julio Franco and was obtained by the Braves for Dion James. I think the hype all started because Oddibe hit for the cycle in his rookie season and he had a cool name!

White Sox, Indians, Phillies, Reds, Red Sox, Padres, and Steve Finley are claimed. As he was last week, Mike Scott is standing by to take your call....or email...or comment.


dayf said...

How is it even possible to hate Mark Lemke? It's like hating a pug dog, he's too ugly and scrappy and cute to hate. WHY DO YOU HATE PUG DOGS??

Captain Canuck said...

74 Dale Murphy's saved!!!

My god man... you were throwing these out?

a madman! MADMAN!!!

mmosley said...

Hey Captain, Murph wasn't being thrown away. He was just destined to spend his last days in a box in my closet.

Captain Canuck said...

nobody make any remarks about the Murph coming out of the closet...

them's fightin' words...