Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching Up!

Here are a few recent highlights of a transatlantic trade and a pair of contest wins:

I got this Joe Smith autograph and a pile of Mets from 80's in England.
Joe Smith is part of the Mighty Met relief crew that needs to be overhauled for next season. Joe was above average in 2007. He is obviously on a "Clear Path to Greatness!"

I won this card from the Busters of Boxes for almost guessing how many packs of UD X got busted.
It has been almost unanimous that collectors hate X but like shiny X inserts. I am tempted to agree with the masses on this one.

AND I won these 2 beauties thanks to Jimmy Rollins and his single in Game 3 of the World Series. Joe may be Addicted to Cardboard but he sure is generous. (Or does he want me to join him in his disease of cardboardian proportions?)
Bob's jersey is old and gray, just like Bob is in the picture they used. Duke Snider autograph as a bonus prize? Really? Bloggers are nice!!!! I'm working on a thank you package that will seem silly compared to these 2 cards.

Also, this is post #100! It's a meaningless milestone, especially when some bloggers post that many times in a month, but averaging more than 2 posts a week for almost a year feels just about right for me.

Next Up: Some Staggeringly Sweet Mets!


--David said...

Oh, man, those are great! Congrats!

dayf said...

niiiiiice schtuff. I have been very close to buying a blaster of X just for teh shinys.

Cardboard Addiction said...

That Pedosmile on Gibson is still haunting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed them.