Friday, November 21, 2008

Giveaway Update Post #63

Braves and Sox, White and Red are in the mail!!!!!

The Writers Journey is seeking Reds. He collects Eric Davis, but since he's my all-time favorite player, there aren't many of those in the box. Here's a little preview:
17 Dibble (awful on the radio)
27 R.Sanders
28 Sabo (goggles + ROY = disappointment)
29 Larkin (possible HOFer)
11 Soto
and 1 CudjoHe's a wild, crazy dog! Not crazy enough to make the bigs, but still very crazy. (the Vixen card is coming too!) I still need an address!!!!

PBTNL wants Phillies and I got Phillies:
15 Dale Murphy (yes, the same Dale Murphy. I figured Dayf would hate these seeing as how he hated Glavine for being a Met - and for being Glavine)
15 Juan Samuel
18 Daulton (those Hale Boppers got nothing on Daulton)
34 Kruk (I like him on Baseball Tonight but not in this photo)39 Dykstra (check out the "pigpen" cloud that surrounds him - on AstroTurf no less)and this:Bedrock will kill Cudjo and you if you don't watch yourself!

Pads, Tribe, O's, Spos, Yanks, Cubbies, Redbirds, Finley, and Multiplayer/Special cards are in the queue. I think I can get them to everyone by Christmas.


dayf said...

Biiiig difference between Dale and Tom.

Murphy + Phillies = Tragedy
Glavine + Mets = Traitor!

mmosley said...

I hated Glavine mainly because he was a mouthy player rep during the strike, then because he was a Brave, then because he was a Met who lost the big games. I never hated Murphy. But I could start!

dinged corners said...

The pigpen cloud is FANTASTIC.

Cardboard Addiction said...

I just received your box and posted about it today. I can't put in words how much fun I had going through them. Thanks again!

PTBNL said...

I'm looking forward to it. You can never have enough 1993 Upper Deck Dykstra cards. That picture is pre-steroids!

madding said...

Yet another reason why I love '93 Upper Deck.

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