Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More of the Same!

The great "threaten to throw cards away" event has gone great so far. It is definitely cool to see cards you sent show up on the interwebs:
Night Owl goes Dumpster Diving
GCRL goes green and saves BLUE
Cardboard Addiction hits the Mother Load

Reds and Phillies are shipped!

Three more packages will go out this weekend:

PADRES for Padrographs
Yes, apparently someone out there collects Padres.
11 Crimedogs (Its hard to remember when he was a Fryer)
12 R.Alomar (Did that spitting incident damage his HOF chances?)
13 Joe Carter
13 Steve Garvey (More overrated Garveyness)
17 Andy Benes (Great for team USA)
19 Tony Gwynn (Excellent hitter and a surprisingly fast runner)
28 Benito Santiago (I thought it was so cool that he threw out runners from his knees)great picture! Also used in 1991 Topps.
Cardinals for Madding
18 Todd Worrell
21 Todd Zeile (Met!
26 Brian Jordan (the other, other 2-sport star)
29 Lee Smith (no HOF!)
30 Ray Lankford
33 Pedro Guerrero
and 17 Vince Coleman (he was F-A-S-T!)145 Stolen Bases in 113 games in Macon! 3 straight 100+ stolen bases to start his career!
Led the NL in Stolen Bases in his first 6 seasons! Wow! Also, did you notice that Vince hit about 100 points higer in the day than at night. (That fleer Stats-on-the-Back post will come after I get all these cards sent out)

Orioles for O's Card of the Day
10 Mike Devereaux (Kenny Landreaux-esque)
13 Brady Anderson (50 HRs? really?)
16 Greg Olson (This is the good one, not the Brave)
17 Cal Ripken (+ a few Seniors and Billys too)
and 15 Ben McDonald, including this impressive 1990 Donruss "Rainbow"None of them are Chromed out, numbered, or stickered, but impressive none the less!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike Scott is not thankful that no one has claimed
his cards and hopes that you have a
cranberry sauce-related accident.


madding said...

Free Cardinals! always a good thing (for me, anyway.)

Lee Arthur Smith absolutely should be in the Hall.

Bo said...

I would be happy to take the Mike Scotts and anything else that is unclaimed at the end of this process, in addition to the Yankees I already am in queue for.
Of course, if there are any Mike Scott or Astros collectors out there they should get first priority :)

zman40 said...

Do you have any Royals to get rid of?

gritz76 said...

I could give some Cubbies a warm home for the winter if you have some.

Aron said...

Bo can have the Scott's

I'll gladly take the Astros off your hand though..

Don said...

I would gladly take your Tigers if it is not to late.