Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yet Another Giveaway Post

All those Murphys will be in the mail by the end of the week. Also, Steve from White Sox Cards has graciously agreed to redistribute the White Sox wealth to his fellow Pale Hosians. (HOBBY SOCIALIST!) I did manage to find a few more cards he actually needed.

The Sox of a more redder hue will be heading out to Joe from Cardboard Addiction. He sent me a super cool Duke Snider auto just for guessing J.Role would hit a single. The box is sealed so no scans, but here are the stats:
22 Mike Greenwell (nice stache)
23 Ellis Burks (nice long career)
27 Dwight Evans (nice decimal system???)
32 Wade Boggs (nice chicken dinners)
40 Mo Vaughn (nice that his Mets contract is finally paid off)

Burks and Greenwell were headed for the heap. As a Met fan I had no choice but to dispense of big Mo! Dewey and Boggs deserve better than my closet, so they are coming too.

Hey Writers Journey and PTBNL, send me addresses so i can send you Reds(and Vixen) and Phils!!!!

Any more requests? My hands are aching from going through all those cards but I'm willing if you're wanting.

Padres, Indians, and Steve Finley are still in the queue!


White Sox Cards said...

Glad to help!

Cardboard Addiction said...

Thanks, I look forward to the package and will give them a good home.

Ben said...

I posted a comment on the other thread but missed this one somehow... it's late.

They probably went with the Braves, but I'd also take any Steve Avery cards (with any team) that are headed to the dump, if there are any from the periods that you're dumping.

It hurts to see cards die... I rescued what's left of an '88 Donruss All Star Hubie Brooks from behind a drawer a few weeks ago... I couldn't stand to dump him, so I flatened him out as best as I could, but he'll never been the same again.

Bo said...

I saw your post and would love to save as many cards as possible. I am a Yankee fan but will take orphans from any team! You can reach me at borosny at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance!

--David said...

I can't remember - did I lay claim to any Tribers!? If not, I'll stake my claim now! You can shoot any and/or all Tribers my way! :-)