Monday, December 8, 2008

Card Oddities

In all the shuffling of cards to send out, I took the time to enjoy their subtleties one last time:

1993 UD Collector's Choice Houston Astros Mike Felder is sporting the less orangey Stros uni and his card shows the new less orangey logo.
Eric Anthony dons the classic Stros duds while his card matches him with the old logo.

Upper Deck matched new & old uniforms and logos on all Houston Astros as well as all Detroit Tigers. Never noticed it before!

1993 Topps and Upper Deck Rick Wilkins

Same photo? Not so fast my friend! Same play, slightly different camera angle. Find the guy in the crowd with the mustache and yellow hat. He is above Rick's head in the Topps card AND he is on the far left in the Upper Deck card.

Topps and Upper Deck had photographers at the same game, got the same shot AND chose it for their card of Rick. Very intersesting!

The latest Giveaway Update:

Padres - Shipped to Rod
O's - Shipped to Kevin
Cardinals - Shipped to Kerry
Expos - Shipped to Jon
Yankees - Shipped to Bo
Steve Finleys - Shipped to Kris
Cubs - Shipped to Ben (Still need address from gritz76)
Tigers - Shipped to Don
Specials Cards - in queue for dunlapReggie (need address!)
Will Clark + some extras - in queue for Mark
Astros - in queue for Aron (need address!)
Royals - Shipped to Zach
Pitchers & leftover Cardinals - in queue for Casey

The giveaway is coming to an end soon. Or is it???


Ben said...

I never noticed that on 93 Upper Deck. Interesting. I always liked the new (at the time) Astros uniforms.

Thanks for the cards, I'm really looking forward to getting them :).

capewood said...

I love finding cards like those Wilkins cards.

zman40 said...

Hey, I recieved the Royals cards today and I just want to say thank you. There were tons of cards in the box that I didn't have and I look forward to getting many of them signed this coming season. Thanks again!