Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giveaway Rewards!

Lots-o-packages were shipped on Monday. But 2 early packages have reaped sweet rewards for me as a collector:

GCRL sent these and more:
1978 Topps Tito FuentesI know you all have been waiting to see my 2 big Tito Fuentes arrivals, but you will have to wait a little longer. How you can you not love a guy who put his name on ALL his hats. GO, GO. 23!

2001 Upper Deck Legends of New York Fuzzy MetsThe orange bits are FUZZY! I need all the Mets from this set.
I only had one before these 3 arrived. Did I mention the fuzziness!

2 Shiny Upper Deck Alex Ochoa cardsAlex debuted in 1996 and hit for the cycle. Then he went away. Reminiscent of Odibe McDowell! The Rock Solid card will replace whatever un-shiny card is currently in my 1 of every Mets binders.

1977 Hostess Dave KingmanDave Kingman was like Rob Deer in 1987 for every year of his career. He hit tons of homeruns and whiffed even more. He is 35th all-time in HR and 10th in Ks.

2001 Topps Tribute Casey StengelThis card is thick and shiny. It is a rainbow all by itself, although I am sure there are other versions. Casey is demonstrating how big Eddie Gaedel's strike zone was back in 1951.

Night Owl added these and more:
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Steve CarltonThis "Lefty" card is of the SP variety. He came along with a small stack of others that is getting me close to the non-sp set. Cole Hamels was repeatedly hailed as the second-coming of Carlton during this year's playoffs. I am betting Hamels doesn't win 5 Cy Young awards.

2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Tito Fuentes
The tito fuentes collection is rolling now. There is the refractor version of his autographed card on ebay right now. I couldn't pull the trigger on a pinting plate last month. $30 on buy-it-now seemed a tad steep!

Thanks to the Dodger dudes for these cool cards. I hope all those Orels are enjoying themselves in your collections.


night owl said...

You're welcome. I'm fighting a losing battle trying to sort all the Hershisers in sheets/binders. I figure it'll be done by Arbor Day.

gcrl said...

so far orel has taken a back seat to the super sized claude osteen. i need your address again to send the hodges and miss cleon. also have a 76 tito. with the name on the hat.