Monday, December 1, 2008

Still Givin' 'Em!

Here is a current list of all those on the Save These Cards bandwagon! (I will be emailing you for an address soon or you can get it to me first.)

- boxed and waiting on me to ship
O's - boxed and waiting on me to ship
Cardinals - need an address from madding!
Expos - need an address from Jon (mad guru)
Yankees - need an address from Bo!
Steve Finleys - need an address from AlbuqwirkE
Cubs - need address from Ben & gritz76
Tigers - in queue for Don
Specials Cards - in queue for dunlapReggie (need address!)
Will Clark + some extras - in queue for Mark
Astros - in queue for Aron (need address!)
Royals - in queue for zman40 (need address!)
Pitchers & leftover Cardinals - in queue for Casey

Wow! That is a long list. Let me know if I forgot anyone. Here is a little preview of a few more teams:

24 Steve Sax (never considered him a Yankee)
18 Roberto Kelly (changed his name to Bobby for 1 season)
16 Dave Winfield (his bats always looked like little twigs)
14 Kevin Maas (What a great first month of a career!)
11 Don Mattingly (For 5 years, there was no one better)
and Brien Taylor (1 of the first big signing bonuses. sad story!)
31 Tim Raines (I think he should be in the HOF!)
19 A.Galarraga (The Big Cat!)
15 Delino Deshields (Larry Walker, Marquis Grissom, and Delino were an impresssive Rookie threesome!)
and 1 Warren Cromartie Sticker CardTigers
Stacks of Stars abound for this Detroit collection!
16 Kirk Gibson
31 Cecil Fielder
31 Jack Morris (10 Shutout Innings! I can't mention that enough.)
47 Lou Whitaker (remember when Magnum saw Lou in that bar)
and 63 Alan Trammell (Magnum saw Alan too!)Cubs
21 Ryne Sandberg (not Ryan, its Ryne!)
21 Rick Sutcliffe (All-Star Beard)
25 Mark Grace
and the Penguin (for my friend Greg!)My goal is still by Christmas. Grad school papers due FRIDAY!!!!


night owl said...

Surprisingly, that's a Penguin I do not have. But, sadly, he's a Cub in that photo, so it's not an "I must have"

AdamE said...

I would be happy to save any Red Sox cards

Anonymous said...

and the penguin's sporting a mad pornstache in it!