Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Thanks

Regular readers may notice that I occasionally change the names of blogs for my own amusement. Treat it like a game. Try to guess the blog in question, then click to see if you are right. (Sorry for the lack of pictures. I have been using my last few days off to reorganize a bit and excitedly put all the cards in the mix.)

Big Thanks to Dan of the Inexpensive Holy Chairs for the 08 Masterpieces! I think I sent you some 1974 Topps in return. Collectors helping collectors is fun! Danny quotes Bob Dylan and gives away stuff. How cool is that?

Thanks to mystery card sender who I believe is Regular Collector Dude. He sent out a massive box of Mets and 2000 Topps and 2008 UD Heroes and the the list goes on. I was reading his blog one day and the shear shininess of the Finest football cards hurt my eyes. He has been on a busting frenzy as of late.

Also, thanks to The Wordsmith's Trek. He sent a box-o-Mets that was WAY better than the box-o-reds I sent him. There was also an uprotected Jose Reyes Retrofractor RC in there. I am sending a few vintage Reds to TRY to make up for the one-sidedness of this trade.

Thanks to Jon from the UK (I believe he started The Quest for Hair Bands/Rubiks Cubes-Like Stuff) for the 2nd helping of Mets. I'll gather some Sox in the new year.

P & L from Damaged Vertices sent some extreme shininess my way. Also, it was Met extreme shininess. That is the best kind. I am excited about them teaching us our ABCs in 2009.

Native Americans on 2.5 by 3.5 Paper sent a 12 days christmas gift. Don't tell anyone but I opened it before Dec 25th. David continues to be the most generous blogger out there. He inspired my Save the Cards giveaway. (Yes, there are still a few more packages waiting to be mailed!)

Pale Hoser sent me HAWK TAYLOR. His real name is Robert but the card says HAWK. Take that Andre Dawson!!!! Steve redistributed some of my White Sox in a trivia contest earlier this year. He has the most detailed want list on the web.

I won an ebay auction from Big Chips and Salsa for dirt cheap and he still sent me 3 Masterpiece cards to finish up the non-sp part of my 2008 set. Nice, Nice, Nice!

I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Thanks to everyone for helping me meet my goal for this year: To have more fun with my collection! The blog turns 1 tomorrow. It's been fun!


White Sox Cards said...

I'm glad that it got there safely. One card closer to completion!

thewritersjourney said...

And I guess I should thank you as well, for your honesty and integrity. You could have kept your mouth shut and I wouldn't have known any different. You have shown that there are some decent people in cyberspace. Plus I'm looking forward to the vintage Reds to make up for my ignorance. :)