Sunday, January 4, 2009

Documentary Game Fail

Despite the excellent idea of documenting every game in the MLB season, Upper Deck swung and missed with 2008 Documentary. I bought 2 packs and made up a little game to see if it could make it fun to rip this lackluster product. Here were the rules I came up with:

+2 - Player on the front is mentioned on the card
-2 - Player on the front has nothing to do with highlights mentioned
+5 - Noteworthy game such as no-hitter, milestone reached, etc
-5 - Same photo used on 2 cards in the same pack
Mets Bonus +1 - Game in which Mets WIN
Mets UnBonus -1 - Game in which Mets lose

Not to spoil it, but it didn't work! Here are the lowlights:

Pack 1 - All 10 cards lost 2 points because no photo matched the game highlights. The pack gained back 2 points for featuring Mets' WINS. Total score = -18

Pack 2 - All 10 cards once again lost 2 points each for not matching. No Mets' wins and no noteworthy games. Total score = -20

Pack 1 wins a thrilling defensive battle by 2 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are 2 Giants cards from pack 2. The card on the left pictures Matt Cain (I think) and highlights a game won by Barry Zito (Yes, Zito won a few last year). The card on the left pictures the aformentioned Barry Zito while highlighting a game won by Tim Lincecum. Surely, Tim is featured on some card fronts. Why not switch the photos? It would have taken mere seconds.
As for the design, I like it. Nice front, nice back!
Here is how to fix this product for next year.
1. Cut the set in half. One card per game, not two. Only the winning team gets the picture on the front.
2. Match the photo with some part of the highlight.
3. Place the pictued player's name on the front of the card.
4. Lose the commentary and the standings and give me the boxscore. If it's too big, I'll give in on #1 so that the box score for each team appears on their card.
5. Sell them as team sets. Either 162 cards per set or 324 if the box scores take 2 card backs.

Team sets on ebay are very high-priced right now on ebay.

If anybody beats -18 with a pack, I'd love to hear about it.


paulsrandomstuff said...

I like your suggestion of offering it in 162-card team sets, but I'm not sure all 30 teams' sets would sell.

dayf said...

I was about to post almost the exact recommendations on an A Pack A Day post. Great minds think alike, I guess.

capewood said...

Not only don't the photos match the highlight, in at least some cases, the photo doesn't even match the game. I've got a post coming up in a couple of days on some Phillies and Astros cards from this set.