Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poll: Mario or TTM?

I bought my 2 packs of Topps Heritage (I am limiting my 2009 spending) from good old Target today. I had to unwrap the retail box myself. No desire tp pack search so I just picked 2 and checked out.

Someone posted these on another blog and I got one of fantasy league stud, Hanley Ramirez.

The card looks really good. An autograph would look AWESOME on this card. So here is the question. Should I:
1. Send it out TTM for an autograph.
2. Send it to Mario.

Vote in the poll to the right and leave a comment defending your choice.


Anonymous said...

Only send it to Mario if he gets it auto'd personally and sends it back to you!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...


thehamiltonian said...

Try it TTM. Its good to be generous, but there's no need to cut off your nose to spite your face.

You pulled a card you like - do what makes you happy.

paulsrandomstuff said...

Send it to Mario. 86 people have written to Hanley for an autograph and logged their attempt on SportsCollectors.Net -- 11 got something back, and the last reported success was in 2005.

MMayes said...

I agree with Paul. If you send it to Hanley, at best it's going to a clubby and at worst it's going in the dumpster. If you're going to send it out, might as well let it land where it would be appreciated.

dinged corners said...

That's a neat card. Stats show you probably won't get it TTMed--but stranger things have happened, and I agree with Hamiltonian.

Wax Heaven said...

Mark, I have gotten Hanley to sign twice in the past month (a bat & card).

If you send it to me, I will do my best to get it signed (my wife has a good success rate) and we will ship it to you.

I will be attending another Spring Training game next week.

Wax Heaven said...

Also, thanks for thinking of me but I don't need the card (unless it's Andrew Miller).

Sooner or later I will get my hands on it. It was nice to think of me, though.