Friday, May 22, 2009

2 Oddball Junior Griffeys

Check out these two Ken Griffey Jr Cards:

The one on the left: Looks like a 1988 Topps Card. It's not! Its on white card stock and is perfectly cut. I thought it was a Broder card but most of them are borderless.

The one on he right: Looks like 1975 Topps. It's not! Junior would have been 6 years old. This card came out of Baseball Cards Magazine in 1991. I cut it out of its panel with a very sharp knife and a straight edge.

Left: Cleverly numbered to 793 as if it was in the actual set. Fun factoid includes pointy hands just like the original 1988's.

Right: Includes cartoon trivia with upside down answer. Too bad the answer is also right side up in the cartoon itself. And the answer appears again in the info below his name. Baseball Cards magazine's research department must have been weak. Never know Junior and Senior's first name was George.

Any info on the card on the left would be swell!

Update: Found this ebay listing. Seller has 7 available for $49.99 each. Anybody have any info on American Sports cards?


Matt said...

I had one of those myself when I was about ten. A card shop used to sell a bunch of stuff like that for a buck each or something. They had different players on topps designs that they never actually appeared on (I remember a Michael Jordan '86 Topps), and they all had backs similar to what is in the scan.

Matt said...

That seller on ebay seems to have some of the other stuff I remember, considering he is located in Wisconsin (as am I), maybe they originated here.

thewritersjourney said...

I've seen them on eBay in the past for $1 each. I never got around to buying one though (hoping to find one at a card show someday even cheaper). I don't know anything about it, but I've always called this type of card a "bootleg" card. Similar to the "fun cards"/"tribute cards" that I have done in the past, and that others are doing now (Goose Joak, PunkRockPaint), except they actually produce hard copies rather than the electronic beauts we make.