Thursday, May 14, 2009

3 Packs-O-Series 2

... from my friendly neighborhood Target. Look for the green wrappers featuring Ron Howard.

Here's a sampling of contents of aforementioned 3 packs:

A trio new Metropolitans. Cora is hitting .333, K-Rod has a 411 ERA+ w/9 saves, and Putz is pitching way better than Heilmann. Nice springy photos of these guys in their new duds.

A Rookie.Porcello is 3-3 and pitching well. He's only 20 years old. This was the only RC logo-ed card in the three packs.

A bevy of fun photography.
Mauer always looks cool in that old-school Twins helmet. Ian Snell is signing for a few Dairy Queen fans. Hernandez looks fierce because of the close-up catcher shot. Frandsen is flying over the bag to avoid an incoming slider. Jason Bay looks positively Mannyrific next to that monstrosity of green. Cool pics Topps!

And Jim Palmer?
SP! It's my first one. Definitely my best card from the few '09 packs I've bought. I would like to have the Christy Mathewson from Series 1.

I got the usual ToppsTown, Turkey Red, and Combo cards too. More Tito SOON!


paulsrandomstuff said...

The cards look nice. I guess I have to start looking for them now. (Too bad I still haven't finished with the Target version of Series 1).

beardy said...

oooh! i really like that Palmer. i really WANT that Palmer.

night owl said...

Holy smokes, do you have some sort of secret pipeline? I don't expect to see these things in my neighborhood for WEEKS.

James B. Anama said...

What will it take to get that Palmer SP off your hands??? Please let me know. If you plan on keeping it that's fine, but seeing that Topps Series 2 is out, I'd like to get a headstart on the SP hunt.


JayBee Anama

Andy said...

Just want to let folks know that I have a weekly contest running. Not too late to enter for this week. Prizes, including unopened 2009 packs.

Check it:

The Drizz said...

it was nice of topps to put that guy from happy days on the front of series 2 packs ;)