Sunday, May 10, 2009

While not blogging...

I have been doing a few other things.

1. Baseball Boss-ing. It's oddly addictive and it's free. I am the SE Durham Stat Backs in the Walter Alston Division if you want to challenge me. I'm willing to put my sub-500 record on the line against anyone. If you didn't know, the game is very baseball-card-centric.2. Planning for our Europe trip this summer. Passports, plane tickets, etc. London to Paris to Rome!!! Mt wife did most of the planning but I did have to pose for my passport photo.
3. Getting closer to my Master's degree in Middle School Math Education. I just started my very last class. I'll be done on June 18! Paper due today AND I have to finish reading a book by tomorrow.
4. Zistle-ing. I am working on uploading the collection. Lots of scanning the fronts and backs of cards. Not sure what my goal is but I am enjoying it in small doses.
5. Saw Star Trek. It was awesome!!! I hate all other Star Trek which gives me at least a little regular guy cred.

There you have it. All perfectly acceptable reasons to not blog. My mother was actually worried about me because of my lack of posts. All is well. Who knows, maybe I'll post again tomorrow!

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--David said...

Hey, congrats on your degree!! WAHOO!!!

I am seriously thinking about taking my wife to Europe for our 20th anniversay in two years. Any advice? Or should I wait until you get back? LOL!