Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bad Wax Group Break - Pack 1

1999 SP Top Prospects
I chose to open this first to get it out of the way. J.D. Drew on the wrapper put a bad taste in my mouth. Needless to say, I am not a fan. I like the shiny goldness of these cards. Here's what I got:

43 Mario Encarnacion - played a few games for Cincy and Colorado. Suspended for taking steroids while in Japan. Died in 2005.
19 Ryan Brannan
93 Drew Henson - cool photo of him juggling a football and 2 baseballs. Too bad he didn't do either well at the professional level.

54 Jason Grilli - journeyman RP currently with the Rangers
7 Lance Berkman CL - Favorite card of the pack. I love me some "Fat Elvis"!

100 Danny Peoples
110 Fernando Seguignol - Expo and Yankee.
126 Mike Zywica

Good fun! The Berkman is a keeper. Are there Drew Henson fans out there?

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