Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad Wax Group Break - Pack 4

2002 Upper Deck VintageIt's the set everybody wanted 2009 O-Pee-Chee to be!

75 Manny Ramirez - the backs of these cards look great. Better than the dark green backs of 1971. Manny is pictured sans dreads.

39 CC Sabathia
2 Mo Vaughn - ugh! Steve Phillips, I shake my fist at you!!!
259 Adam Dunn
227 D'Angelo Jimenez - Nice action shot. Jimenez could be any of the three guys in the photo. Classic 70's action photography. Too bad the UD photographer used a zoom lens to make it less authentic.
192 Jose Vidro
33 Brent Abernathy
277 AL ERA Leaders - Garcia, Mussina, and Mays (Joe, not Willie)
188 Dodgers Rookies - Ricardo Rodriguez and Carlos Garcia
NG12 Randy Johnson - Night-Gamers - I assume Night Owl has this insert set. If not, this one's yours.I really like this set but the pack was so-so. One more pack to go. It's got to be better than the first 4, right?

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night owl said...

Actually, I don't have of these inserts. I was only recently made aware that they existed.