Saturday, June 6, 2009

I traded my Palmer SP JayBee! He goes after every flagship card Topps produces and they ain't making it easy on him as of late. I jumped at the chance to help out on his quest to collect 'em all.

I got a plethora of Mets in return. Here are a few:

Two One-of-Every Met upgrades: I collect Mets, not every Mets card ever produced, I just want to be sure to have at least one of every player to don the blue and orange. I have binders, with the years labeled and a handy spreadsheet to tell me where each new Met should go. I never mind upgrading cards of players I already have with a more shiny, relicy, or autography card. Church and Cancel each get a GOLD upgrade!My first Daniel Murphy card: Murphy struggles in the field but his bat has been a plus this season for the Mets. With injuries to Delgado, Reyes, etc, just the ability to hold a bat is a plus for the Mets.
Mets Ring of Honor!!!! I like these so much, I am adding a new want list. I have to get them all now. I guess it's nice to think back to 1986 these days. Go Mets!
Thanks JayBee, and happy hunting for Obama and the rest.

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thewritersjourney said...

I like how the ROH cards last year focused on the '86 Mets. I'm not so crazy about the cards this year, that show just the MVP from each Series.

If it were up to me, there would be a mini-set (20-25 cards) for EACH World Series.