Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Call It a Comeback

I been here for days
Readin' the blog page
Still in a Europe haze
Hope this is only a phase

Thanks to LL for that. I am back from Europe, working on putting together packages for the overwhelming number of responses to my giveaway offer. IF YOU REQUESTED CARDS, PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESS. My email address can be found on my profile page. This would help me out tremendously.

Meanwhile, there was a package in my stack of mail when I returned. It was from Ed over at Roll Out the Barrel. I had a Dave Bush Gold card that only he wanted so I sent it to him with a few Brewers from his want list. He sent me these WAY better cards:

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Dave WinfieldThat leaves only 1 card left to complete the set. I still need #101 Cal Ripken SP.

1985 Topps Dwight GoodenDoc was so good in the 80's. He is definitely one of the reasons I am a Mets fan. It certainly isn't because of their stellar play on the field or GM decisions off the field as of late. Here's hoping Frenchy will put a hurtin' on the Braves this week.

2008 Goudey SPs I simply love this 2008 Goudey set. Fellow collectors have been more than generous helping me collect it little by little. These Yankee SPs are much appreciated. You can help me more by checking my 08 Goudey want list. (Note: that white thing on ARod's face is a printing mistake.)

2009 O-Pee-Chee NY, NY Daniel MurphyPretty nice looking view of old Shea Stadium. I would be happy to give any of these a home. Last year was the final seasons in both Shea & Yankee Stadiums. I have heard many radio personalities speak of how the Mets badly needed a new home but the Yankees did not. I went to both stadiums last year and let me tell you, both were dumps. Yankee stadium was simply the site of old Yankee Stadium. In the 1970's, they turned it into just another stadium of the time like Veterans, Three Rivers, and Shea.

Thanks Ed, for these and the other cards you sent my way. I will get all the packages out over the next few weeks as long as I get everyone's address. Thanks and it's good to be home.

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EdS said...

Hey Glad they got there alright and that you enjoyed them.