Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not Immune to the A & G Frenzy: Retail Edition

My brother has recently agreed to split a box of 09 Topps Allen & Ginter. You may have heard from other bloggers that this set is now available. In fact, you may have heard it from ALL bloggers. My brother and I split a box last year and had loads of fun busting it, laughing about the strange mix of cards, and trading for our favorites. We even made our money back by selling the Serena Williams autographed card we pulled.

I decided to jump the gun a little when I saw retail packs available at Target. I was pleased with the results. Here are the 3-pack highlights:
Pack 1
100 Ichiro (Yea, he's like Prince, Madonna, and McLovin. He only needs 1 name.)112 Millito Navarro - Negro League Star (I love these. I might have to collect 'em.)
312 AJ Burnett SP (He was on my simulation league team for many years.)
Mini 196 Joey Votto A&G Back (Votto deserves the Jay Bruce love)

Pack 2
7 John Smoltz (Shouldn't he be playing at Turnberry this week?)
228 Simpson/Bunker (I like some of the oddities, but this ain't one of the ones I like. I need that Pi card)
310 Old Faithful SP (Good trade bait)
NP7 Larry Jones (He won't be calling his next child Citi. HAH!)

Pack 3
89 Elvis Andrus (RC) (A kid named Elvis. Sweet!)
Mini 75 David Wright Black Border (Don't you love it when you get a special mini of a player you really like. And those black borders look especially cool this year.)

3 packs - 2 SPs, 2 A&G backs, 1 black border, and an Ichiro. Not too bad.

First packages go out next week.

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