Monday, August 3, 2009

I Stole an Idea from Dayf

Dayf is collecting a 2006-Present Allen & Ginter Master minis set. Not every mini from every year, just one of each number 1-350. As yet another way to reduce the number of cards I keep, I decided to do something similar. The only difference I will collect a set, 1-350, of any type of card: mostly base, throw in a few minis, maybe a black border, A&G back, or even a few of those 09 code cards.

I gathered every A& G card I still own and started filling up pages. Some cards made the cut because they are of young stars who could be great, despite how bad the card looks:Others because they look AWESOME. This Ian Snell rivals the 2008 Russell Martin card in pure cardboard goodness:Still others make the set because I do not have a better card for that particular number. Suez Canal beat out Ubaldo, Klesko, 2 Cantu, and that Horse and Rider for my set's worst card:
So you probably want to know how you can help? Check out my newest want list!
I'll work on getting an A&G for trade list soon.

The cool thing about this set is that it could change next year when A&G Part 5 comes out. Maybe David Wright gets a really lame numbered card and can replace Phil Coke.

Let me know if anyone is interested in 9-page views with commentary on my choices.
Yea, probably not!!!

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capewood said...

I got that Suez Canal card. It's a good thing the card identified the photo or I might never had guessed what it was.