Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Lame Hits, etc for Your Lame Hits, etc: NL West Edition

Patricia offered up some "clunkers" over at Dinged Corners. The thing about her clunkers is that I wanted many of them. They weren't that clunky. I have a few lame cards that might make others as happy as Rey Ordonez pants make me. (That last sentence could be taken out of context!)

Here are some NL Westerners you may want. I'll trade my junk for your junk.
Clayton Tanner - 2008 Bowman Signs of the Futures Auto
From a retail pack from Target. Tanner is 21, currently in A-ball. I have seen him on a Giants top-ten prospects list. The Giants seem to know how to grow arms as of late.

Ray Durham - 2008 Upper Deck Jersey
From blaster - Guaranteed Relic. Nice long career for this journeyman.

Adrian Beltre - 2008 Spectrum Retrospectrum Swatches
From blaster - Guaranteed Relic. Commemorates his awesome 2004 season - 48 HR, .344 avg. It netted him a sweet contract from the M's.

Jason Jennings - 2002 Donruss Originals Gamers Jersey (072/500)
From a repack pack probably 5 yrs ago. This may have been the first jersey card I ever saw. After wining the ROY in 2002. he struggled as a starter. Good year so far in 2009 as a middle reliever.

Mets are the obvious choice for trades but I am open to anything. Use comments or email for offers.

More to Come!


night owl said...

I've wanted that Heritage Dodgers SP for 2 YEARS. Want, please.

mmosley said...

Hey Night Owl, you gotta make the offer!

night owl said...

I'm mulling. You'll be getting an email.