Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Lame Hits, etc for Your Lame Hits, etc: NL East Edition

There are still NL West and NL Central lame hits available! I have yet to turn down an offer!

The NL East is the divisional home of my NY Mets. I can only offer up these non-Met cards, as Mets cards cannot be lame.Bernie Castro - 2007 Topps Heritage SP
From a retail pack. Castro may be out of baseball. He was released by the Yankees lasy year. Anybody still working on this set?

Danny Sandoval - 2006 Topps 52 SP
From a retail pack. Hitting .238 at AA Tulsa.

Tim Hudson - 2005 Upper Deck Game Jersey
From a retail pack. This is maybe the best of the bunch. Hudson has been a good pitcher for 10 years. 146-77 career record! Oakland traded him for 3 prospects who netted the A's nothing, but he is making about 12 million more than they could have paid him this year.

Mike Lansing - 1993 Topps Stadium Club 1st Day Issue
From a repack box. Be in awe of the fancy, shiny box in the upper left-hand corner. AND its a Mike Lansing RC. What more do you want?

Send in your offers, no matter how lame. I haven't forgotten about all you AL fans out there. There are plenty of lame cards for all of you!


Brian said...

Just emailed you about the Blalock above....I'll see what I've got for the Byrd auto and email you again shortly.

wickedortega said...

do you still have the tim hudson card?? he's one of the players i collect...