Saturday, August 1, 2009

Score Magic Motion: Anyone?

Score debuted 1988 with a set with 100% action shots. What a great idea! They also inserted into packs and factory sets these Magic Motion cards:
The magic motion part on the front is pretty much useless but the back contains trivia, highlights, and baseball history.

1988: Do You Remember? (Canuck beat ya to it, aye?)
1989: A Year to Remember (sold to wickedortega for $0)
1990: The MVPs (Chris D'Orso now owns these)
1991: World Series Trivia

All sets claimed!


wickedortega said...

i'll please take a year to remember for 200.00, alex....

no really if your give them away, i'll take a year to remember off your hands.. thanks!

Captain Canuck said...

I'd love '88 or '90.... thanks !!!


Chris D'Orso said...

Got the box of Mets this weekend -- thank you!

I'd love the MVPs set; I'm a sucker for that Sportflics technology.

madding said...

I used to throw these at my little brother because they hurt.

--David said...

I'll take the 19's if you're just lookin to get rid of 'em... Talk about some randomly random stuff!

--David said...

ROTFL, glad you could see through my keyboard dyslexia there and you sent me the 91's... LOL! Thanks for the Tribe cards, too!

Anonymous said...

I need 1991 score cards 60-72.
also need card 32 from 1988 motion cards.