Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks Night Owl, 25 Years, and Play at the Plate

Lame trades are rolling in:

Thanks to Night Owl for these 2 Jose Reyes cards. 2005 Turkey Red is great and a little hard to come by. I requested these in hopes that Reyes would get well soon. Can you remember when a club has had more stars get injured in the same season?Thanks to 25 Years of Baseball for this fancy Nick Evans card. I didn't have an Evans card in my 1-of-every Met collection. This is my first redemption card. I have an Andrew Bailey coming to me this year. This was 25 year's first blog trade. Go trade with him.
Thanks to Play at the Plate (Brian hasn't jumped head first into blogging yet, but he will!) for this haul of cool Mets. The Tom Seaver is awesome. Mo Vaughn's jersey is questionably Metty. And that Timo Rated Rookie is UGLY! Brian and I have another trade in the works. Cards will be mailed on Friday.
The lame hits for lame hits trading party is coming to a close. Still plenty of cards to be had. I might write about something interesting soon. Maybe BEST CENTER FIELDER EVER?


JRJ said...

Great Mets cards!

chris said...

Without doing any research I am thinking Ty Cobb is the greatest center fielder ever.