Monday, August 10, 2009

Thanks to Collective Troll and Fuji

More packages for me!

I share a name with Collective Troll, sorta. I'm Mark and he's Marck. (Blogger is currently telling me that he spells his name wrong but I can't hold that against him.) I sent him a handful of Rays cards and he sent me this:
AWESOME! Tommy Agee signed 8x10, personalized to me (or at least to someone with my name and NOT Marck's)! Agee is looking especially tough. I appreciate that he writes AG on his spikes so that you know they are Agee's.

I also got a package from Fuji, with whom I also happen to share a name. (Blogger is OK with his spelling!) He claims his return package was less than the one I sent. Ridiculous! I sent a big box of A's mediocrity and he sent me cool Mets including these particularly shiny/autography ones:I think my Mets autograph collection just doubled! These 4 all go into my One-of-Every-Met binders as serious upgrades.

Collecting is fun. Thanks guys!


Collective Troll said...

Hey glad you liked it! His name AG on his spikes is my favorite part of that pic... Its funny that Agee, Microsoft and Blogspot all spell my name wrong...Glad it arrived in one piece, thanks again for the cards!
marck aka troll

Fuji said...

Hey Mark, I'm glad you liked the package. I'm still figuring out if I'm going to start a blog... but if I do... the recap of the A's collection you sent me will be one of my first posts. Truly amazing. Thanks again.