Thursday, November 26, 2009


Getting packages is awesome. The bulk of the mail I get is bills, advertisements, and more bills.
Beardy sent me a sweet package of cardboard delight to complete a trade. Here are the highlights:

A foursome of old school Goodwins:

Carlton Fisk: Best all-time catcher for both types of SOX. Also, he was the original Pudge.

Mike Schmidt: Best third baseman EVER. Thinks Pete should be in the Hall and that his autograph is worth a fortune.

Grady Sizemore: Hey, he's not an old-timer! But he does look like one in that new, non-racist, classic Indians uni.

Ken Griffey: The elder Griffey, in action on a perfect spring day. Just look at those clouds.

An Obak mini:

Jacksonville Suns standout, Tom Seaver. I think he will do well for the Mets. Johann could use some help in the rotation in 2010. Maybe if we gave Tom a cool nickname like "Terrific."

But wait, there's more to this tiny Terrific:

Numbered 13/25. I don't have too many numbered cards, so this gets me excited. I'm not sure why! It turns out that since Tom won the ROY award in 1967, he probably won't be a factor in the 2010 Mets rotation, OR WILL HE?????

Thanks Beardy!