Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Night Owlish

Night Owl is one of my favorite trading partners. Like Condition Poor and White Sox Cards, Greg has a pretty good want list over at Night Owl Inc. (I'd love to know about any other completist team collectors with exhaustive wants lists.) Here is a choice selection of cards I recieved:

New York Mets Upgrades:
Much like the real Mets of 2009, my 1-of-every-Met collection could use some upgrading. While not the best all-time Mets, these 2 dudes deserve the shiny/fancy treatment just like all the big stars.

Sweet Goodwins Portrait:

From the stack of Goodwin needs, I pulled out this nice close-up of Justin Verlander. Nice looking card of a quality pitcher. Great card!

Mets Frenchy:

That still doesn't sound right. Here's hoping the Mets have a player that is better than Jeff that stays healthy in 2010. This is my first Frenchy in Mets duds. (Did anyone notice how little I blogged about the Mets this year? It was a tough season!)

As usual, thanks for the trade, Greg.


SpastikMooss said...

Night Owl rules!

As far as other huge team collectors with specific lists of wants, I really like Thoughts and Sox (Red Sox). He doesn't always gets around to posting about my stuff, but he's very generous, especially if you like football too (which I don't think you do hahaha).

night owl said...

My want list actually has a gap about 8 years long in it. I hope to close it someday. One of many projects unfinished.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

I love the frenchy! So glad the mets picked him up. the one bright spot of this year!

gcrl said...

i've been updating my want lists over the last few days - still have the 90s and 00s to tackle though.