Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trade Post: Volume G - L

Here is part 3 of my slow series of trade posts: G - L (see C-F and A-B for more)Not much in the "decent" card section: a bad auto, a 1968 random dude, and another 1970 SP
2008 UD Timeline Auto - Hernan Iribarren
- pretty good Minor Leaguer, not so hot in 2 short big league stints. Now in AAA in the Rangers organization
1968 Topps #469 - Len Gabrielson -claimed by GCRL
- average journeyman, played from 1960 to 1970
1970 Topps #686 - Jackie Hernandez SP
- its a high number! Jackie was a career .208 hitter. 1969 was hi only FULL season. SP!
The stacks:
Gallaraga, Andres - the Big Cat (18 cards) - claimed by Wicked Ortega
Garvey, Steve - overrated? (14 cards) -claimed by GCRL
Giambi, Jason - underrated? (10 cards)
Glavine, Tom - disliked him as a brave, hated him as a Met (68 cards)
Gonzalez, Juan - really good for a short time (21 cards) CLAIMED
Gonzalez, Luis - long, good career (15 cards)
Gooden, Dwight - the main reason I am a Mets fan (29 cards) -claimed by jacobmrley
Gossage, Rich - GOOSE! (23 cards) -claimed by BABenny
Grace, Mark - solid cubbie (19 cards)
Griffey Jr, Ken - the kid is old (52 cards) -claimed by jacobmrley
Guillen, Ozzie - quote machine (15 cards)
Gwynn, Tony - professional hitter, now coaching at Arizona St (76 cards) -claimed by BABenny
Henderson, Rickey - speaks in third person, steals bases (68 cards) -claimed by the BrooklynMet
Hernandez, Keith - defensively great (16 cards) - claimed by Night Owl
Hershiser, Orel - bulldog! (19 cards) - claimed by Mark's Paper Stuff
Hunter, Torii - not an egomaniac, despite the 2 "i"s in Torii (21 cards) -claimed by GCRL
Jackson, Bo - broke bats over his knee, knows diddley (19 cards) -claimed by BABenny
Johnson, Randy - UNIT! (36 cards) -claimed by BABenny
Jones, Andruw - comeback with the chiSox (12 cards)
Jones, Chipper - never heard of him (121 cards) - claimed by the Cap'n, Aye
Justice, David - dated Halle Berry! (19 cards)
Kruk, John - traded his uni # for beer (13 cards)
Larkin, Barry - future HOFer (22 cards) -claimed by BIG NACHO
Lofton, Kenny - played basketball in college (43 cards) -claimed by dfwbuck2
Lopez, Javy - caught some really good braves' pitchers (15 cards)

Don't forget the rules for trading!
1. feel free to send as many cards off of my want list as you would like
2. send 1 card. That's right, 1 card only! It doesn't have to be a super refracting auto bit, but it could be. Send 1 card that you think I might enjoy. It doesn't have to be a Met, but it could be. 1 card! It doesn't have to be a 1988 Donruss Tim Teufel, but it could be. (On second thought, don't send me a 1988 Donruss Tim Teufel)

Claim your cards in the comments section. Send me an email address if it is not easily obtainable from your profile or website.

Let me know what I can send you. I will be happy to add cards of your favorite team to your package. No need to tell me what you will send. You are welcome to wait until you receive the cards. Happy trading.


FanOfReds said...

I'd like to claim the Larkins!

Mark's Ephemera said...

Hershiser, please. If there's anything in that stack that I already have, I'd be happy to pass it on to someone else.


night owl said...

I think I need that Keith Hernandez on top, so I'll take Keith. I'm sending you a package tomorrow -- but that's in response to the LAST one you sent.

I'm slow, too.

SpastikMooss said...

I finally took a look at your trading posts from before, and I could actually use those Albert Belle cards. I'll email you!

Captain Canuck said...


Mr Jones for me please.

jacobmrley said...

Ken Griffey (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) and Doc Gooden need a good home. if you need my address, feel free to email me. I will reciprocate with some proper cards.

gcrl said...

i'll take the garvey stack (not overrated!) as well as the torii hunter cards.

wickedortega said...

The big cat for me please.... Do me a fave send me your address

gcrl said...

you know what, len gabrielson was a dodger, so i'll claim his card if for no other reason than to save him the embarassment of not being claimed.

dfwbuck2 said...

kenny lofton for me please! address email to dfwbuck at

you rock