Monday, May 24, 2010

Trade Post: Volume M-O

Packages are out on previous posts and there are still cards available: A-B, C-F, G-L. I'll get around to actually writing something for this blog this summer. If you are wondering what I am up to, look here.

Here is volume M-O of my trade-a-thon:1985 Topps #234 Jerry Narron Autographed
-journeyman catcher and twice a manager.

2007 Topps UPdate #UH210 Daisuke Matsuzaka
-Dice-K hit the big league scene with a bang and injuries have caused him to fizzle a bit

2008 Goudey #213 Paul Molitor SP -claimed by ROY
- I love 2008 goudey. I am fairly close to having all the baseball cards from the set. Somehow I ended up with 2 of this card.

The Stacks:Paul Molitor (37 cards) - one reason the DH is a good thing. - claimed by Roy
Don Mattingly (40 cards) - Donnie Baseball is not a HOFer but when he was good, he was great. -claimed by BABenny
Mark McGwire (60 cards) - roided up, disgraced, now Cards hitting coach. That's the american dream. -claimed by roofgod
Dale Murphy (18 cards) - nice guy, couple mvp's, no hof -claimed by the Canuck
Tino Martinez (10 cards) - solid player on some really good yankee teams -claimed by BABenny
Pedro Martinez (21 cards) - his Red Sox years were crazy good, 1999 & 2000, WOW. claimed by AdamE
Fred McGriff (15 cards) - crime dog!
Mike Mussina (23 cards) - finaly won 20, in his FINAL year. Nice.
Edgar Martinez (30 cards) - should be a HOFer. -claimed by jonathan
Greg Maddux (40 cards) - great fielder. he could pitch a little too. - claimed by TheBrooklynMet
Eddie Murray (29 cards) - switch hitter with a sweet stache. -claimed by night owl
Paul O'Neill (15 cards) - also played on some good yankee teams. -claimed by BABenny
Roy Oswalt (23 cards) - still pitching, wants to be traded to a contender.
John Olerud (15 cards) - Rickey Henderson does not know him. -- claimed by TheBrooklynMet

The Rules:
1. feel free to send as many cards off of my want list as you would like
2. send 1 card. That's right, 1 card only! It doesn't have to be a super refracting auto bit, but it could be. Send 1 card that you think I might enjoy. It doesn't have to be a Met, but it could be. 1 card! It doesn't have to be a 1988 Donruss Tim Teufel, but it could be. (On second thought, don't send me a 1988 Donruss Tim Teufel)

Claim your cards in the comments section. Send me an email address if it is not easily obtainable from your profile or website.

Let me know what I can send you. I will be happy to add cards of your favorite team to your package. No need to tell me what you will send. You are welcome to wait until you receive the cards. Happy trading.


Roy said...

I'll jump in on this and claim me some Paul Molitor. If a Brewers fan stops by and does the same, I'd be happy with Blue Jays Molitors.

AdamE said...

I will happily take Pedro off your hands. As a matter of fact if they are Red Sox cards I will gladly take the Clemans and Henderson cards nobody claimed yet.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey I will take the Maddux stuff off your hands. I'd also LOVE any of the Olerud cards I don't currently have, if you want to check my have list here:

If that works let me know and I'll dig up your address from the last deal we worked out and send something your way.

night owl said...

I'm running out of cards for you, but I do want the Eddie Murrays.

mmosley said...

BA Benny claims:
Don Mattingly
John Olerud (leftovers)
Tino Martinez
Paul O'Neill
And since nobody claimed these from your older posts,
Gossage, Rich
Gwynn, Tony
Jackson, Bo
Johnson, Randy
1985 Donruss Roger Clemens RC

TheBrooklynMet said...

Just to give you a heads up, I plan on sending you a Tim Redding and K-Rod card to help with your one of every Met list.

Two questions on that list.
1. Do you only want card with the players in a Met uni (both the K-Rod and Tim Redding I am sending are in Met unis)

2. Do the names with asterisks mean you have a card of that player on the way in a trade? (If not I can knock some of those off your list too)

TheBrooklynMet said...


I saw no one claimed the Rickey Henderson cards. I'll take those off your hands too.

TheBrooklynMet said...

I've got a Sheffield in Mets uni for you too.

Captain Canuck said...

can't have Chippah without the Murph!

send Dale north please.

RoofGod said...

I will claim the McGwire's. Email me an address and I will put a package together for you.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'd like to call dibs on the Edgar Martinezes. I think that's the proper plural of "Martinez"

I've got something that I've been looking to give to a Mets fan. Lucky you.