Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trade Post: Volume P - S

Yet another trade post. Cards from last post are packaged and will be mailed this week. There are a few nice cards here:
1980 Topps #206 Strikeout Leaders Richard/Ryan
-JR Richard was bad man!
2006 Topps Rookie of the Week #17 Mike Schmidt
-not sure what I think of these multiplayer Rookies blown up CLAIMED
2006 Topps 52 #285 Danny Sandoval SP
2005 Topps Rookie Cup Blue #99 Joe Randa #39/50
-eh again CLAIMED
1985 Fleer #286 Kirby Puckett
-this one is a bit tattered CLAIMED
1985 Donruss #438 Kirby Puckett
-this one is tattered too but not as tattered as the Fleer. CLAIMED
2008 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor #72 Brandon Phillips
-super shiny!
1987 Donruss #43 Rafael Palmeiro
- my favorite junk wax set.
2010 Topps Heritage #446 Freddy Sanchez SP-didn't play his first full season until he was 27. Won a batting title at 29. CLAIMED

On to the STACKS!Rafael Palmeiro (19 cards) - he DID NOT take steroids...except he did.
Andy Pettitte (13 cards) - he DID take steroids. CLAIMED
Kirby Puckett (76 cards) - cool new Kirby statue at Target Field. CLAIMED
Tim Raines (24 cards) - should be a HOFer.
Aramis Ramirez (17 cards) - with that name, he should be a Musketeer.
Manny Ramirez (35 cards) - 14th all-time on HR list. steroids? CLAIMED
Jose Reyes (13 cards) - once called the most exciting player in baseball CLAIMED
Cal Ripken (60 cards) - the original Iron Man 2. CLAIMED
Alex Rodriguez (17 cards) - i'm getting tired of typing "steroids". CLAIMED
Ivan Rodriguez (28 cards) - Pudge 2.
Scott Rolen (16 cards) - good player, getting old. CLAIMED
Pete Rose (19 cards) - the gambler 2, after kenny rogers.
Nolan Ryan (29 cards) - no hit king. CLAIMED
Tim Salmon (18 cards) - often the best player on bad angels teams.
Ryne Sandberg (45 cards) - Ryno. CLAIMED
Johan Santana (13 cards) - i need him to win the CY as a Met.
Curt Schilling (16 cards) - bloody sock.
Mike Schmidt (23 cards) - isn't in trouble when his middle name, Jack, is used. CLAIMED
Tom Seaver (14 cards) - best Met. CLAIMED
Richie Sexson (15 cards) - ???
Gary Sheffield (25 cards) - the cream.
Alfonso Soriano (17 cards) - not a lead-off hitter

You guys are forgetting to follow my rules of trading, so I won't even bother posting them.


dfwbuck2 said...

i;d love the schmidts, i'm trying to put together a bunch for my brother! if you havent sent the loftons yet, put em together...your lists are getting a good looksie!

Steve D said...

I'd love the Seavers. I'll send you an email with my address

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'll take the Ripkens off your hands. Add them to my Martinez package.

madding said...

If I may be presumptuous, I'd like to claim the Sanchez card and the Scott Rolens. I'll send you some cards... just haven't figured out what yet.

AdamE said...

I'd take the Manny's too but this means I need to find somehting else to add to your stack.

mmosley said...

Brooklyn Met,
I honestly don't remember but the list is up to date.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Cool, then I'll knock the Josh Thole off your list for the Sanberg lot. I'll probably throw in some Chicle too.

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gcrl said...

mark - i sent your cards yesterday. sorry for the delay.

Don said...

I would like the 85 Donruss Puckett please.

Stewart said...

I would love the Puckett stack if it is still there to be had!

jacobmrley said...

i would like to claim reyes and ryan and the randa cup. i sent a big pile last time, and when i am done moving, i will gladly even out the score...

thewritersjourney said...

Is that stack of Roses still available?

brochure printing said...

I would like the Puckett stack, if it is still there to be had. Sorry for delay and thanks for sharing.