Friday, June 18, 2010

Trade Post: Volume S-Z+

At the end of the alphabet! Stake your claims.1998 Pacific Invincible BLUE #34 Justin Thompson -CLAIMED
- a must have for any self-respecting Justin Thompson super-collector.

2005 Topps Turkey Red BLACK #7 Shannon Stewart
- LOVE Turkey Red. Send me some 2005/2006 base cards off of my list.

1987 Sportflics #158 Hot Rookie Prospects asadoor/candaele/SEItzer/PALMEIRO/pyznarski/cochrane - 1.5 hot prospects ain't bad.

2008 UD Baseball Heroes CHARCOAL? #199 Griffey Jr/Clemente/V.Guerrero/ DiMaggio CLAIMED
- the card back says "A Quartet of Dazzling Outfield Defenders." I agree.

2008 UD Baseball Heroes CHARCOAL? #179 Reyes/Jeter CLAIMED
- not sure if Jose belongs on the Cap'n's card just yet.

2005 Fleer Tradition #313 Astros Prospects T.Buchholz/Gimenez/W.Tavaras CLAIMED
- Hector's 0-2 MLB career makes him the wash of the group.

2005 Fleer Tradition #305 Red Sox Prospects DiNardo/A.Martinez/J.Gamble
- Gamble is now in Gwinnett, trying to be a Brave

1971 Topps #722 Astros Team Card SP CLAIMED
- yet another high number from the early 70's.

1971 Topps #462 Senators Team Card CLAIMED
- Frank Howard was the only thing good about this version of the Senators.

The stacks:Smith, Ozzie - (31 cards) WIZARD! CLAIMED
Smoltz, John - (23 cards) NOT in the 2010 US Open
Sosa, Sammy - (37 cards) slammin' HR, roids, and skin issues?
Strawberry, Darryl - (19 cards) not as good as Homer Simpson CLAIMED
Sutter, Bruce - (10 cards) bearded fireman
Sutton, Don - (25 cards) stat compiling HOFer CLAIMED
Thomas, Frank - (50 cards) BIG HURT! CLAIMED
Thome, Jim - (15 cards) still playin'
Trammell, Alan - (15 cards) 1 of Magnum PI's faves
Valenzuela, Fernando - (10 cards) the MANIA began in 1980
Van Slyke, Andy - (13 cards) very good player
Vizquel, Omar - (12 cards) possible HOFer?
Walker, Larry - (43 cards) did Coors Field make him great?
Williams, Bernie - (17 cards) classical guitarist & Yankee legend CLAIMED
Williams, Matt - (32 cards) remember his HRs in the strike year?
Winfield, Dave - (31 cards) his bat always looked like a twig CLAIMED
Wood, Kerry - (13 cards) what could have been
Yount, Robin - (19 cards) classy Brewer great


Don said...

I would be glad to take the Justin Thompson off your hands. He was one of few Tigers of that time period that I liked.

AdamE said...

I could use that 05 Fleer Traditions RC. But I'm serously out of stuff to send you which is evident from the last package I shipped to you...

jacobmrley said...

ooooo, a two-fer. since i just claimed ryan reyes and randa from the last post, can i be greedy and claim the astros team card, frank thomas and strawberry from here as well? i have a pile of turkey red, i just have to find it in all these damn boxes...

jacobmrley said...

p.s. the address you have for me will still get things to me. thanks!

night owl said...

Me thinks I'd like the Sutton cards. I'd say Fernando, but I'm guessing I have them already.

Stewart65 said...

I would like to claim the Winfield in addition to the Puckett stack I claimed. Thanks for offering this, it is awesome!

Steve D said...

I'll take the Jeter/Reyes card for now, possibly more later. Same address as the Seaver cards. Thanks again!

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'd like to claim that UD Griffey/Clemente/etc. card. I'll just add some more Mets stuff to your pile.


steve maitlen said...

I would like to claim the 1971 Senators Team Card and the Ozzie Smith lot.

Sending e-mail to obtain mailing address.


Steve D said...

Since no one else has claimed them, I'll take the Bernie Williams cards, and the Pettitte and A-Rod cards from last time. Thanks!

BA Benny said...

I would like the Valenzuela, Fernando - (10 cards) the MANIA began in 1980 and from earlier posts the 1980 Topps #206 Strikeout Leaders Richard/Ryan and the Pete Rose stack. I found a couple of the SP's from the 07 Turkey Red you need.

longlivethewho said...

I'll take Larry Walker please.

Dan said...

If I could claim two, then count me in for Thome and Vizquel. I'll check your wantlists and get you something real soon. Thanks.