Friday, July 16, 2010

Trade Me: 1971 Edition

More cards to trade! This time I am trading random older cards. Next up is 1971 Topps. Most, but not all, are commons that need a better home. I am going to attempt to give the rules of trading again. You guys follow direction worse than my 8th graders at school!!! (I have enjoyed all the cards sent to me!) My goal is to slowly make my collection smaller and better.

1. Send as many cards off my want list as you want. Check out my new All-Time team want list.
2. If you don't have any off my want lists, send ONE card. (It doesn't have to be a Met but it could be. I am always looking to upgrade cards in my various binders. Shiny, autographed, and swatched cards are always welcome. I also enjoy the random card that I may one day blog about (like the old days).)

Fill your set list needs, start a team set, Claim away!


Stake your claims in the comments section. First come, first get the cards. This is the second in a series of posts. I will hold all cards until the end and ship them together. Don't forget to reread the trading rules.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

I will take the Wills. I'm at work, but will find you something good at home from your lists!

Dan said...

Can I claim 61, 63, 323, and 352? Thanks.

Matt F. said...

If it's not too late I would take cards 645 and 672.


Matt F.

MattR said...

Can I get 269, 327, 357 if they are still available? Thanks :)

gcrl said...

308, 311, 312, 313, 427, 482, 601, 749
please and thank you

BA Benny said...

Mets and Yankees and team cards again please

Don said...

I would like 71, 332, 54, 123, and 161 please.

Stewart65 said...

338 and 317 please.

gcrl said...

at the risk of being greedy, i'll claim the rest of the 71's...please?