Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trade Me: What's Going Where and When

The Vintage Card Trade Me Posts have been a success. Most everything has been claimed aside from 1974 Topps. Here is a list of what is going where. If I am sending something to the wrong place, let me know. All addresses have been changed so you don't get extra junk mail.

Packages will be shipped Monday morning. I look forward to the want list cards and/or the "1 card" you will be trading
me in return.

Dan - 19 cards (Best: 1970 ERA Marichal/Carlton/Gibson - 3 HOFers)

sending to Apt C back to Cali
Don - 264 cards (Best: 183 1974 Topps cards - should get you closer to the set)
sending to 22 in the dry heat
bfrye3 - 95 cards (Best: 1974 Steve Garvey)
sending to 132 in "the OH"
stewart65 - 46 cards (Best: 1970 Blue/Tenace RC - nice RC of 2 good players)
sending to 7253 in LegalizedMarijuanaVille
gcrl - 93 cards (Maybe not the best but coolest: 1971 Cookie Rojas - midair goodness!)
sending to 3535 in MauerLand
wickedortega - 84 cards (Best: 2 different 1970 AL ldr cards featuring Killebrew and a young Reggie Jackson)
sending to 260 in NoIncomeTaxboro
mariner1 - 2 Pilots + a few wantlist Mariners (Best: Pilots cards are cool!)
sending to 3206 in Starbucks
MattF - 2 cards (Best: 2 1971 High #'s)
sending to 5111 in Oz
Colin(Daniel) - 80 cards (Best: 1960 J.Ginsberg in nice condition)
sending to 96 in MountainMama
BABenny - 15 cards (Best: 1971 Red Sox Team Card)
sending to 88-21 in the Apple
carlcrawford - 1 card (Best: the only one - 1971 Maury Wills)
sending to 1001 in Fargo
nightowl - 9 cards (Best: 1959 Fred Kipp)
sending to 169 in MetsLand
MAttR - 3 cards (Best: 1971 Reds Team)
sending to 141 in GoodLookingPeopleUSA

Stufflestreet and foulbunt - I need an address!


SpastikMooss said...

What about me and the oldest unclaimed card? lol. I put the Garcia in the mail today.

wickedortega said...

And please sen dme your addy as well....

night owl said...

Sadly, this is Yankeesland, as much as I'd like it not to be.

Stewart65 said...

Mark - If there is no other claim to them I would like to have the rest of the '74s. Thank you!

gcrl said...

got 'em today mark. thanks. i will have your cards out to you soon!

Stewart65 said...

Awesome - Got the cards! Thank you Mark! Your package went out yesterday with a bonus from Southern California along with the cards...

Dean Family said...

Can I claim any remaining 1974s?

maxcarey at