Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Collection I: One of Every Hall of Famer

Here is the beginning of a few posts about my collection today, partly so that others can see what and how I collect and partly to see it for myself in some organized way:

One thing that I have discovered recently is that I love baseball cards only because I love baseball. So the majority of my collection should probably celebrate the game and the dudes who play it rather than the cardboard itself (just typing this makes me want to downsize more.)

Nothing says Baseball like the Hall of Fame and it's enshrined members. Here is my One of Every Hall of Famer binder:
That tiny sticker with HOF written on it sure does make this most special binder stand out, doesn't it. I have organized it by induction year and then alphabetically within each year. Here is page 1, which includes the Hall's first class of the Georgia Peach, Big Train, Big Six, Sultan of Swat, and Flying Dutchman. A nice class with some great nicknames:
I usually put my best or favorite card of each player in this binder since the Hall of Fame only takes the best. I would rather have a card from each member's playing days, but that just isn't possible for many of these early inductees. Page 1 does include my T206 Christy Mathewson card as well a 2009 Topps Turkey Red Insert of Babe Ruth.

Here is a newer page, honoring the 2003-2005 inductees:
Boggs and Sandberg highlight the page. That powder blue pin-stripped uni on Sandberg is SWEET. And not 1, but 2 Hostess cards make the Hall of Fame cut. I do have 1976 Topps cards of Eck and Kid, but they live in the 1976 Topps binder. As you can see, my Eddie Murray and Paul Molitor card selection is not the best, although I do love the 2008 Goudey set!

I am currently missing 42 of the 295 Hall of Famers. Therefore this collection is 86% complete! I am missing some random early players, some Negro League greats, and many executives and umpires. 

Current HOF needs list can be found here.

Next Up: Part 2 - All-Time Team Binders


night owl said...

That clinches it. You've been re-added to the blog roll.

mmosley said...

Night Owl - it hurts to know that I was cut.

night owl said...

The blog roll has standards! The dying-on-the-vine look is ugly.

Glad you're back.

Nathan said...

I am totally stealing this idea

dkwilson said...

Love this idea. Hope to see more pages and I will most likely start a binder of my own. Thanks!