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My Collection II: All-Time Teams

Here is post #2 about my current collection. Only a week later, not too bad!

The next two binders in my collection are my All-Time Team binders. I researched each Major League franchise. I chose the 27 best players for each team. I chose a starting nine, then 18 extra players. I didn't try to put together a complete bench but I usually chose 2 relief pitchers to fill out the roster. I only used stats for that team. (For example, Reggie Jackson had a great career and shows up for several teams, but not the Orioles. Same for Randy Johnson, he's no all-time Yankee) In most cases, my best card of a player goes here, unless they are a hall of famer. Also, I am a stickler for players wearing the uniform for the team they are representing.

Once again, sweet, tiny baseball labels for these two.

I thought I would highlight the opposite ends of the All-Time team spectrum: The Yankees and the Diamondbacks. Yankees first:


SP: Whitey Ford
C: Yogi Berra
1B: Lou Gehrig
2B: Tony Lazzeri (Cano might take this spot one day)
3B: Alex Rodriguez ( I'm sure people will hate that choice)
SS: Derek Jeter
LF: Charlie Keller
CF: Mickey Mantle
RF: Babe Ruth

6 HOFers, 1 certian 1st Ballot guy, 1 hated HGHer, and a lowly 5-time All-Star Left Fielder

Bench Bats
Joe Dimaggio (probably the best non-starter on any team)
Joe Gordon
Reggie Jackson
Bill Dickey
Don Mattingly (he was very good for a short time)
Thurmon Munson
Earle Combs
Bernie Williams (he was very good for a long time)
Jorge Posada (he is not good anymore)

No Dave Winfield? He didn't make the cut. It's no wonder the Yanks have won all those titles.

Bench Arms
Mel Stottlemyre
Lefty Gomez
Ron Guidry
Andy Pettitte
Red Ruffing
Bob Shawkey
Mariano Rivera (Best ever?)
Goose Gossage
Ed Lopat

And now for the not so equally star-studded Diamondbacks:

SP: Randy Johnson (good start, matches up well with Whitey Ford)
C: Damion Miller (ouch)
1B: Connor Jackson (ouch again)
2B: Jay Bell (tri-ouch)
3B: Mark Reynolds
SS:Stephen Drew
LF: Luis Gonzalez (nice Championship RBI single)
CF: Steve Finley
RF: Justin Upton (getting better every day)

Bench Bats
Matt Williams (past his time but still better than most D-Backs)
Orlando Hudson (O-DOG!)
Eric Byrnes
Chris Young
Chris Snyder
Kelly Johnson
Erubiel Durazo
Craig Counsell
JUNIOR "MIA" SPIVEY (I either need a Junior Spivey in a Arizona Uni OR I need a current D-Back to man up and be better than Junior Spivey!!!!)

Bench Arms
Curt Schilling
Brandon Webb (Is he done?)
Miguel Batista
Doug Davis
Brian Anderson
Omar Daal
Dan Haren (essentially given to the Angels)
Byung-Hyun Kim
Jose Valverde

There you have it. I update these binders every 2 years or so. The expansion teams have the most changes, as their history is the shortest. At some point, I will share all the teams and ask for your feedback. Would you make any changes to these two teams?

I have an all-time teams want list here. It also includes players who have won a Cy Young or MVP and are not on an all-time team.

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dkwilson said...

Really like the concept of the all-time teams. The D-Backs are my favorite team so I have one guy I think should be on your list somewhere, Travis Lee. He was only with the team for a little over 2 years, but he had a decent rookie year and was the face of the franchise for thos 2 years. I also think the Miguel Montero should be the starting catcher.